Even though most people are aware of accounting as a profession, it’s sometimes overlooked as a possibility for young people in the early, middle or late stages of deciding what they want to be when they grow up. Obviously, children with a keen affinity for and talent in math classes might thrive in this field, but here are five other signs your child might make a great accountant one day.


A Great Accountant is a Great Communicator

Everyone knows accountants must have a thorough grasp of the language of math. But you might not be aware that we also have to be able to easily translate that information into verbal language. Accountants explain and persuade and teach, all of which demand skillful verbal communication. Does your child express himself or herself easily? Do they love to explain how they solved problems and enjoy teaching others things?


Addicted to Details

Not missing a thing is a core value for accountants. Does your child have a bit of a perfectionist streak? Does he or she have to have certain things, like the foods on the plate, “just so?” Do they revel in noticing the finer details of a story or video game that most others miss? If so, they may be well suited to the demands on attention a career in accounting necessitates.


Organization – Everything in Its Place

We all need to manage voluminous amounts of information and documents, even in these digital times. Accountants, however, have to organize all those key documents not only for their own lives but for all of their clients and their clients’ businesses. Children sometimes display an affinity for keeping things neat and orderly in their lives, from their rooms to their lockers at school. If your child can’t stand to see messes anywhere it could be sign they will develop the organizational skills a great accountant must have.


Puzzle Solving

Accountants are called on to solve problems every day, from simple, easily decided questions to knotty financial situations that take days to unravel. If your child has an affinity for puzzles and solving tough problems, it could mean they will one day enjoy the pleasures accountants get when solving financial puzzles for their clients.


Loves to Learn

Some kids seem to only want to suffer through school as fast as possible so they can get on with the rest of their lives. Others, on the other hand, clearly love going to school and even doing the work required of them there. They light up at the introduction of a new and unfamiliar subject they will get a chance to learn about. This is a key quality a great accountant must have. A career in accounting means lifelong learning. Ongoing professional education is a requirement in order to renew your accounting license or certification.


If your child has always loved all of his or her math classes and also displays some of the above characteristics, you might want to mention accounting as a future career choice!


PHOTO: woodleywonderworks /  CC 2.0