Accounting generally offers good job stability and earning potential. However, depending on the stage of your career, you may be considering taking on a side hustle to earn extra money. Or if you’re retired, or semi-retired, you might want some new, interesting work that benefits your community. The good news: there are ample options available for you!

Serving on Your Local School Board

School districts have to create yearly budgets. They also have to meet deadlines set by the state. It’s also a requirement that people serving as school board treasurers have a significant financial background. Serving on the school board means you’ll have to keep up your licensure, so stay on top of that.

If you’re looking for an additional challenge, the school board may be just right for you. Today’s school board treasurers are responsible for more than just money. School treasurers make decisions about benefits for employees. You’re tasked with finding any money-saving decisions, especially as budgets grow tighter.

Serving on Your Church Council

If you’re an active member of your church, consider volunteering to serve on church council, either as the treasurer or financial secretary. Depending on the set up of the board, those may be the same position or two separate positions.  You’ll have to learn the specific rules and regulations churches are bound to. Members of your church don’t want anything bad to happen. This means all financial reports need to be visible to the congregation, even if they aren’t the best. Being a church treasurer means you’ll need to be extra organized. You’ll have to keep track of all donations, payments, offerings, and payments to services used.

Freelance Consulting and Bookkeeping

Freelancing is an easy way to earn additional money each month. And the current economic situation is perfect for freelance workers. There are certain times a year where freelance opportunities occur. Tax season is one of the most significant times. Just be sure your side hustle freelancing gig doesn’t overtake your salaried career.


Do you remember how hard getting through accounting exams was? We do too. Now that you’ve successfully passed all your exams consider tutoring people about to take theirs. They’ll benefit from learning from someone who’s in the field. It may even give you a chance to brush up on your accounting skills. Tutoring also provides the opportunity to mentor newcomers. Mentoring can help advance someone’s career while allowing you to pass on your knowledge to someone else.

Doing Taxes for Your Friends

Chances are, your friends don’t like doing their taxes. They may outsource this duty to a tax prep service. We already touched on freelance consulting or bookkeeping and how it picks up during tax season. Letting your friends know you’re available to do their taxes only gives you more experience. You may incentivize the deal by charging less than a professional service or software system. After all, you still want to earn money with your side hustle.

Writing Accounting How-Tos

Have you learned tools of the trade throughout your years? Consider putting that knowledge into a comprehensive how-to guide. This is even more beneficial if you do highly specialized accounting work. The how-to guide can help newcomers after you’ve left the field. Just like mentoring, it provides someone the ability to carry on your legacy.

Forensic Accounting

Over the years, forensic accounting has risen in visibility. Clever Leverage notes this may be the best side hustle for you if you like doing some detective work. You’ll be tasked with digging through financial records to see if there’s anything fishy with finances. You may need extra schooling or a certificate to start forensic accounting. Fortunately, because of the rise in popularity, courses should be readily available.

Taking on a side hustle can earn you more money. It also gives you new paths to explore with your degree. Whatever you decide to do with your side hustle, make sure you enjoy doing it.

PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain