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To Our Valued Clients

To Our Valued Clients, During these uncertain times due to […]

Stimulus Payments on the Way

Very shortly, American taxpayers will be receiving stimulus checks (or […]

State tax deadlines extended

The Ohio state legislature has voted to change the Ohio […]

New legislation offers loans to help Small Business

The C.A.R.E.S. Act became law with the President’s signature on […]

Good news for taxpayers

Filing and Payment Deadline Relief Per IRS Notice 2020-18, tax […]

Clermont County Board Connect

Donovan Donohoo Jr, Managing Director (center) mentoring young community leaders, […]

How to Establish Credit

Credit is everything in today’s economy. Consumers invest millions each […]

Retiring with Student Loan Debt

Gone are the days when most graduates repaid their student […]

Deciding to Hire 1099 or W2 Employees

You’ve been hard at work building your small business and […]

Manage Your Back-to-School Shopping Budget

Back-to-school time seems to sneak up a little faster each […]

The Perils of Store Credit Cards

You’ve just spent an hour looking at clothes, trying them […]

Should You Make Your Company a B Corp?

There are currently about 2,700 benefit corporations, or B corps, […]

Why Consider an ESOP?

You may have heard of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, […]

Should You Use Your Smartphone for Banking?

You’re used to doing everything on the go, thanks to […]

Should Your Business File Taxes Quarterly?

When it comes to thinking about your company’s taxes, you […]

Eight Strategies to Increase Cash Flow

When you first started your business, you may have had […]

Should You Take a Finance Class?

Americans, as a group, are good at some things and […]

What is UltraFICO and How Can It Help?

In late 2018, your mind may have been in other […]

Important Lessons About Loans for Your SMB

Starting your own business is an exciting time. It may–understandably–bring […]

Smart Ways Stay-at-Home Parents Can Save Money

Choosing to stay at home with the kids, rather than […]

Side Hustles for Accounting Nerds

Accounting generally offers good job stability and earning potential. However, […]

Keep an Eye on Credit Card Interest Rates

Credit cards are a useful tool to help you stretch […]

Six Retirement Planning Hacks

Depending on where you are in your professional life, retirement […]

Should Your SMB Migrate to the Cloud?

In recent years, companies of all sizes have begun using […]

Smart Things to Do with Your Tax Refund

You filed your taxes and now you’re waiting for your […]

Managing Beneficiaries of Your Retirement Accounts

Part of smart financial planning includes planning for what will […]

Use a Health Savings Account to Your Advantage

No one wants surprise medical expenses. As much as you […]

Educating Your Employees About Financial Matters

As a small business owner, you spend a fair amount […]

What Happens if You Don’t File Your Taxes

Welcome to another tax season. Many Americans might put off […]

Can You Achieve Early Retirement?

Many American workers dream of retiring early. Have you mapped […]

When to Conduct a Business Valuation

Smart business owners never fly by the seat of their […]

Preparing for a Cash-Free World

In today’s tech-heavy world, many things that aren’t efficient fall […]

Are You Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness?

Student loan debt has skyrocketed over the years. The Student […]

How to Save Money on Transportation

The cost of transportation is a key factor in any […]

What To Do When Customers Don’t Pay Up

Your business only survives if your customers pay for your […]

5 Financial Questions You Should Be Able to Answer Right Now

Bookkeeping lays the foundation for money management in your business. […]

Get Organized to File Your Taxes

What should you be doing right now to get your […]

Should You Incorporate Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofits operate for the betterment of the community, but do […]

Don’t Lose Your Tax Exempt Status With These Mistakes

You did a lot of work to achieve tax exempt […]

Nine Tax Deductible Business Purchases

With tax season looming, you’re probably eager to find any […]

2019 Trends That Will Affect Your Books

The wonderful thing about trends is that they rarely stop […]

The Best Way for a Church to Handle Bookkeeping

The business operations of churches are unlike any other. Churches […]

Tax Deductions and Volunteer Work

Most Americans know that charitable donations are tax deductible. You […]

Challenges for Today’s School Treasurer

 How a school or school district handles money can be […]

Difference Between an Audit, Review, and Compilation

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations, Oh My! Terms like these might […]

Do You Need Ohio Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Running a business comes with many responsibilities, and one of […]

What is the Best Accounting Software for Your Startup?

Regardless of the size of your business, you’re going to […]

The IRS Plans to Better Protect Taxpayer Data

Why are identity thieves targeting taxpayers? The Social Security number […]

Tax Cuts and Why Retirees Should Check Their Withholdings

In September 2018, the IRS issued a press release announcing […]

Paying Taxes on Vacation Rental Income

Do you rent out a vacation property or part of […]

How to Create a Profit and Loss Statement

It’s always important to know how your business’ finances are […]

Should You Switch to an S-Corp?

Do you freelance full-time as a contractor? Or are you […]

How Does the IRS Treat Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. The big names […]

Accounting Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The traits that make for a successful entrepreneur are not […]

What to Know Before Your Nonprofit Starts Fundraising

It’s safe to say that people aren’t afraid to give. […]

Deducting Mileage on Your Taxes

The cost of your commutes can quickly add up, from […]

Wondering Whether You’ll Pay Taxes on Crowdfunding Income?

Whether you’re thinking of trying a crowdfunded project for the […]

What You Need to Know About the Return of the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act

Saving for retirement is like flossing–everyone knows they need to, […]

How to Track Freelance Income for Tax Purposes

As most people know, freelancing is on the rise in […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Launch Your Business?

You have a great idea for a business and are […]

How Do Federal Interest Rates Affect Consumers?

2018 has been a year of interest rate activity like […]

Get Ready for the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday

In March 2018, Ohio lawmakers made the sales tax holiday […]

State Sales Tax and Your E-commerce Business

Sales tax on e-commerce has presented a contentious and confusing […]

Creating an Annual Report for Your Nonprofit

If your nonprofit’s fiscal year ends June 30 it’s time […]

Six Things Accountants Wish You Knew

When it comes to finances no one should know yours […]

RITA 101: Regional Income Tax in Ohio

If you live or work in Ohio, you should be […]

Life in Greater Cincinnati on a Budget

Managing your money can be a difficult task whether you’re living […]

Use Your Raise Wisely

Congratulations! You just received a well-deserved raise for your hard […]

What Size Mortgage Can You Afford?

You’re in the market for a new home. Whether you’re […]

How to Prepare for a Routine Company Audit

So it’s almost time for a routine company audit. Are […]

Money Management in Relationships

Do you relate to the common comedy foil of one […]

Do You Need a Stockbroker?

How familiar are you with trades? It may seem easy […]

Get a Handle on Credit Card Debt

Americans have an estimated $931 billion in credit card debt […]

6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid with Your Startup

Congratulations! You’ve started your own company. This is an exciting […]

The 411 on RMDs

Everyone loves tax-free money, and that’s sometimes how people think […]

Could You Save a Million Dollars?

If you ask many individuals how much money they wish […]

Manage Student Loan Debt in Your 30s and 40s

A standard student loan plan of 10 years sounds feasible. […]

Income Taxes: Who Can You Claim as a Dependent?

If you’re confused about who you can claim as a […]

Deciding to Buy or Lease a Business Space

Business owners make a lot of decisions. If you own […]

6 Great Things About an Accounting Career

If you’re picking your college major or making a career […]

How to Estimate the Value of Your Business

Thinking of purchasing a company or selling your business? Diving […]

6 Apps to Help You Manage Your Finances

One of the major stressors on Americans is finances. Thanks […]

Why Cincinnati is a Great Place to Start a Business

When driving home from the southern states many Cincinnatians feel […]

Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Taxes

The unrecognized fifth season of the year is here: tax […]

How to Budget for a Dream Vacation

What is your dream vacation? A cruise along the Bahamas? […]

The Right Money Management Strategy for Your Life Stage

Money management strategies change throughout your life. And while sound […]

Can Your Business Save Money by Helping the Environment?

You’re probably always looking for ways to help your business […]

6 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money

The desire to save money sometimes leads to cutting corners. […]

How Tax Reform Affects Businesses and Individuals

On December 20, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

Money Management Resolutions for 2018

We all have hopes for our new year’s resolutions to […]

Five Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper

Do you worry too much about numbers adding up correctly? […]

Reporting Financial Information to Your Nonprofit Board

Financial transparency is one of the pillars nonprofits are built […]

Five Famous People Who Studied Accounting

When you think of an accountant, what’s the first image […]

Giving Thanks for Our Community

Thanksgiving marks a time for family to come together, and […]

How to Track Your Year-End Charitable Giving

‘Tis the season for lots of year-end requests from nonprofit […]

Tax Reform: How Could it Affect You?

Although it’s uncertain whether President Trump’s tax reform plan, announced […]

5 Signs You Child Might Make a Great Accountant

Even though most people are aware of accounting as a […]

10 Ways to Avoid an Audit

It’s safe to say that no one wants to be […]

How a CPA Can Help You Create a Budget

Everyone who’s had to manage their own money for any […]

What Do the Letters After My Account’s Name Mean?

When you hire an accountant, you want to know what […]

How to Prepare for Tax Time, All Year

Don’t throw out that receipt! Or should you? Paper can […]

Should You File for an Income Tax Extension?

Even though the tax deadline in the U.S. has been […]

Five Things To Know Before Launching Your New Nonprofit

So you’re interested in starting a nonprofit. You are not […]

Does Your Startup Need an Accountant?

When it comes to living your dreams and starting your […]

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s First True-Up Report Due August 15

With the changes the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation has […]

Will You Get Audited?

The easy answer to this question is most likely, NO! […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates Sponsors Clermont Northeastern Band Boosters

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs supports the Clermont Northeastern (CNE) Band […]

DCA Participates in Backpack Ministry Program

The DCA CPAs team participated in Sonrise Church’s Backpack Ministry Program, benefiting […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs Offers Internship Opportunity to Jarod Wolfe

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, recently offered Jarod Wolfe an […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates Sponsors 2014 Art Affaire

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, is once again a proud […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates Proudly Supports #dreambig CCU

As firm believers in quality higher education, the members of Donohoo, […]

Higher Federal Unemployment Taxes

As a result of previous loans taken from the Federal […]

Donovan Donohoo Jr. Earns 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager Award

Five Star Professional and Cincinnati Magazine announced Donovan Donohoo, Jr., President […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates Sponsors 2013 Art Affaire

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, is proud to once again join […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates Sponsors Milford Adventure Challenge

For the second year, Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, is a race […]

Two Requirements Employers* Must Meet Prior To and After October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013, is the deadline for employers to notify […]

Miami Township Fire/EMS Chief Retires

Don Donohoo and Roger Cupp of Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, […]

Walden Sisters Receive Diplomas

Lillian Paige Walden and Bryn Regan Walden, daughters of Gwen […]

Ohio Sales and Use Tax Rate Increases September 1, 2013

The Ohio Sales and Use Tax Rate increases by 0.25% […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, Pays Tribute to George Robert “Bob” Lamb

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, joined the SEM (Southeastern Ecumenical […]

Ohio Governor and General Assembly Approves $2.7 Billion Tax Cut

Effective July 1, 2013, tax law changes approved by Ohio […]

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates Clients and Staff Witness Reds No-Hitter

Several clients and staff of Donohoo, Cupp & Associates, CPAs, gathered July […]

Rotary Club of Cincinnati – Eastside Donates Meat

Inter Parish Ministry of Newtown was one of three recipients […]