If you’re picking your college major or making a career change consider accounting. The accounting workforce is always growing which makes it ideal for individuals looking for stability. If you enjoy numbers and data, here are six reasons why an accounting career may be right for you.


Numerous Options

“Accountant” is a rather broad term. Most accountants have their own expertise and credentials. For instance, a CPA (Certified Public Account) has different qualifications from an FRM (Financial Risk Manager). Each branch of accounting requires its own specialties. You can explore the option to see what fits your desired career path.

Since the demand is so high for accountants you will get to choose what type of company, and who you work for. If you find yourself in an unfavorable environment it won’t be difficult to find a place that suits you better. You can easily apply somewhere and find someone new to work for. Or, after years of experience start your own accounting company.


Job Stability

The world will always need accountants. Every business needs help with keeping track of their money. Likewise, many taxpayers need assistance doing their taxes. For this reason, when the economy takes a hit and many people in the workforce get laid off, accountants are the most likely to be able to keep their positions.

Furthermore, in recent years baby boomers have started retiring at a steady rate. This gives individuals looking to start their career plenty of opportunities as need increases.


A Clear Career Path

If you’re looking for a career that is clear and steady, this is the position for you. As you go through college, you know exactly what you need to learn and how the skills apply. Once you start working, you will find opportunities to add credentials and gain promotions.

The work is fairly steady, too. As an accountant, you will find that the task is much the same throughout the year. Tax time, of course, represents an exception. But you probably won’t have to worry that the day’s tasks will bring any surprises. That doesn’t mean you’ll be bored. Read on to the next section about learning opportunities.


Always Learning

You never stop learning in this field. In fact, furthering your accounting career requires continuing education. For instance, as an accountant, you don’t have to specialize in a particular branch. However, if you do it can really take your career to the next level.

Ever-changing laws there is always something to keep your job interesting. Familiarizing yourself with the changes allows you to learn and grow along with the field.


High Income

Straight out of college an accountant has the potential to earn at least $20.26 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. After a few years of experience and continuing education, the median salary reaches $32.76 per hour or $68,150.00 per year. Depending on what you choose to specialize in, there is potential to make much higher wages.


Freedom of Location

As an accountant, you can choose where to live. Have you ever wanted to live near a beach or in the mountains? A career in accounting offers you that flexibility. Because businesses everywhere need accountants you can choose whatever part of the country you’ve always dreamed of.

Depending on what your specialty, you can also choose whether or not you travel. If you choose a path in auditing it is very likely that you will travel on a regular basis. You’ll have many different accounts to oversee which will give you the potential to travel all over the city, country, or world. On the other hand, if you choose an accounting role for one particular company your position will be rather stationary. Before choosing which path fits you best, discern what kind of lifestyle you want.


If you’re looking for a career as an account consider working for DCA Certified Public Accountants. We value hard-working individuals to strengthen their talented team of result-oriented professionals.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain